72 long, dark nights for America: His bigly largesse 

by awindram

Seventy-two long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary and myself, should release detailed medical records. I have no problem in doing so! Hillary?”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Trump’s housing company would mark black renters’ applications with a “C” for “colored”—then reject them.”

Daily election article of interest: Welcome to Iowa, where Trump’s purple patch could turn a blue state red
I’m blogging from 30,000 feet, traveling through the night at 500mph, after having left one city with a prominent Trump Tower to arrive in another city with a prominent Trump Tower. Ungraciously, neither city is likely to vote for the man who has bequeathed their skylines with 60 stories of his narcissism – a lasting monument to his bigly largesse.
The America I fly over, however, made up of cities and towns whose own downtowns have never been gifted a Trump Grill are where he will win handsomely. Perhaps mini-Trump Towers, four or five story buildings in the local business parks, can be built in these towns after November by the Trump Corporation as a show of appreciation for their loyalty? A place where those who love him the most can enjoy their very own Trump Grill taco bowl. 
Another case of bigly largesse is the breaking news that Anthony Weiner has released the final part of his sexting trilogy. At this point, the only phone Weiner should be allowed to own should be a rotary phone. Naturally, with his links to the Clinton camp this threatens to be an election story, so I find myself constantly refreshing Trump’s twitter page to see whether he has commented on the story. It’s unedifying that my interest in the election has reduced me to this. That’s what the Weiners and the Trumps of the world do, they debase us all.

Seventy-two more nights to go. I do hope tonight’s nightmare doesn’t feature Weiner.