69 long, dark nights for America: ‘Who Pays for the Wall? We Didn’t Discuss it’

by awindram

Sixty-nine long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Great trip to Mexico today – wonderful leadership and high quality people! Look forward to our next meeting.

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Trump just failed his first foreign test. Diplomacy isn’t as easy as it looks.”

Daily election article of interest: If You Don’t Know What Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech Will Say, You Haven’t Been Listening

In an unsurprising development, it turns out that diplomacy isn’t a natural look on Donald. It’s just not his style, and being entirely having to be both thoughtful and circumspect about what you say was never going to play to his strengths.

His peculiar sojourn south of the border did, however, seem to hint at an attempt to be diplomatic. At his press conference, Donald made great efforts to speak gently, almost whispering his speech; naturally, it all came off as exceedingly unnerving. It was like watching a man trying hard to apply what he had learned in that week’s anger management class, but you know the effort is only temporary and a tirade is coming soon.

And for Donald it came when he found himself back on American soil. Speaking in Arizona the whisper was gone and the Dalek-esque ranting was back. He hasn’t been this angrily incoherent since the convention. Here he he spoke about the special deportation force he would use to remove illegal immigrants, how there shall be no amnesty, and how Mexico would – even though only hours before he had ducked that question by saying he had not discussed it with Nieto – pay for the “beautiful” wall he would build between the USA and Mexico.

Calling his wall “beautiful” I found a chilling choice of words. You may want the wall as a symbol of strength, as a tool, perhaps, of intimidation, but there is nothing beautiful about that. It is not a beautifying idea for the country – 2,000 miles of concrete to try and turn the nation into one giant panic room is beautiful. Even if you contend that it is something we need, I would be perplexed if you argued that we needed it not for reasons of utilitarian necessity but on aesthetic grounds. And yet Trump clearly finds it to be a beautiful idea and that in a more profound way than anything else I could ever articulate tells you an awful lot about this awful man.