68 long, dark nights for America: “This is the worst party I’ve ever been to.”

by awindram

Sixty-eight long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “I am promising you a new legacy for America. We’re going to create a new American future. Thank you OHIO!

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Turns out, hosting Miss Universe pageants abroad doesn’t equate to diplomatic skills.”

Daily election article of interest: How to Talk to a Trump Voter Who is Wearing Headphones

The primaries took place a lifetime ago, an almost forgotten antediluvian epoch back when behemoths still roamed the plains and we considered Iowa politically relevant. They were the salad days when Lincoln Davenport Chafee was a just a crazy kid with an even crazier dream – and now … well … the salad has gone bad, the mayo has turned (we are talking America here so I am, of course, assuming that the metaphorical salad is a potato salad).

The photographer M. Scott Brauer has a great project of that period, a first hand look at the sheer banality of a modern American primary, in this case New Hampshire – This is the worst party I’ve ever been to.

“I’ve taken a different approach as I photograph this story, using a harsh and direct flash, evocative of early press photography. The campaigns usually bring in their own lighting and backdrops, and this technique is a deliberate attempt to subvert their control of the optics of politics. Shooting in this way reveals the edges of this political spectacle: cold food left on a buffet line, duct tape holding up the banners, wiring in the corner of the room, bored staffers and journalists, binder clips keeping the American flag in perfect posture.”


I found looking through Brauer’s images, rather than reacquainting myself with the day’s news, a more fulfilling use of the hour before sleep.There is something about the banality of the American election that is oddly reassuring in the face of the current heightened rhetoric, that it is dull normalcy that will eventually set things right.