67 long, dark nights for America: Trump campaign announces Village of the Damned remake

by awindram

Sixty-seven long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “I visited our Trump Tower campaign headquarters last night, after returning from Ohio and Arizona, and it was packed with great pros – WIN!

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “The worst part is, Trump’s disturbing policies for immigrant families go way beyond just “building a wall.”

Daily election article of interest: Clinton to FBI: Didn’t know parenthetical ‘C’ stood for classified

“When asked what the parenthetical ‘C’ meant before a paragraph within the captioned email, [Clinton] stated she did not know and could only speculate it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order,” read the FBI’s notes from the interview.

A “C” in parentheses in the body of an email is used to designate a specific paragraph as containing classified information.

I am sure I am not unusual in being prepared to accept mendacity on the part of Clinton far more quickly than I am to accept stupidity. This isn’t cute. This isn’t David Cameron thinking LOL stands for “lots of love.” 

Someone who I would be willing to believe might think a parenthetical “C” in a State Department email was referencing paragraphs in alphabetical order is everyone’s favourite homeopath loving physician and the virtue signaler’s choice of Presidential candidate – Jill Stein. Or perhaps she thinks the “C” refers to a city in Ohio. Which city in Ohio, in particular, she isn’t too bothered by. Let’s face it, they all merge into the same forgettable bland Middle American mass. After all, she did manage to land today in the wrong city in Ohio. 

Stein’s campaign brushed off the incident as a “miscommunication with travel coordination”.

“This is what happens when people don’t have private travel agents and private jets at their disposal,” spokeswoman Meleiza Figueroa said in an email. “These are issues that everyday people face when they travel.

As an everyday person I can certainly sympathize. Like Dr Stein*, I don’t have the benefit of private travel agents and private jets and so it really is a crap shoot over whether I get to my destination or not when I leave the house. Most of the time I just start walking and hope for the best.

So almost two more months to go, sixty-seven more dark nights of the American soul. Here is tonight’s nightmare image.














*I’ve watched enough Peter Cushing Frankenstein films over the years to be suspicious of anyone going by the name Dr Stein. Cushing’s Frankenstein always thinks he can move to a different city, adopt the ridiculously lazy alias of Dr Stein and just carry on with his diabolical plans without anyone being the wiser. Not that I am, you understand, suggesting that Jill Stein has, with disastrous results, placed the brain of an orangutan into the body of a chimpanzee – I leave that you to decide.