66 long, dark nights for America: The fox in the chicken coop

by awindram

Sixty-six long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “. is so disgusting in their bias, but they are having a hard time promoting Crooked Hillary in light of the new e-mail scandals.

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Our planet’s future depends on the decisions we make now. RT if you agree it’s time to combat climate change.”

Daily election article of interest: Why Isn’t It a Bigger Deal That Trump Is Being Advised by Sadistic Pervert Roger Ailes?

Awkwardness is the feigned look of rapture on Donald’s face here. Today, at a black church in Detroit, Donald closed his eyes and swayed unsteadily and unconvincingly to Gospel music. In the annals of embarrassing political moments it ranked even higher than John Redwood trying to bluff his way through the Welsh national anthem. At least in Redwood’s case he had the panicked look of a man aware of just how out of his comfort zone he was, that he had really buggered things up, whereas Donald gives off the air of a man who truly believes he is crushing it.

In a what is, we can all agree, a bizarre, odd, chillingly grotesque election, religious Donald has to be its most bizarre odd, chillingly grotesque element. Let’s recall Donald‘s meeting earlier in the cycle with evangelical leaders who formed a prayer circle around him and laid their hands on him – though being sure not to touch the hair – and you just know he showered and scoured down his office as soon as he was shot of them. Donald’s religiosity feels like a sham. We know he is not a man of humble pronouncements, and when he speaks or writes about himself it just highlights how narcissitic and solipistic his thinking is, so the idea that he has a devout faith in there being a God who would by definition have to be superior to himself is hard to believe. Unless, of course, he were to think that he were that superior being’s instrument on this earth. That God had somehow chosen him specifically … but surely only an idiot would believe something as ridiculous as that?