64 long, dark nights for America: Donald Trump Facts

by awindram

Sixty-four long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “President Obama & Putin fail to reach deal on Syria – so what else is new? Obama is not a natural deal maker. Only makes bad deals!

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Sec. of Labor Frances Perkins was our first woman cabinet member and an architect of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

Daily election article of interest: It’s OK to Politicize Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s Marriage

“They won’t even give him stairs, proper stairs to get out of the airplane. You see that? They have pictures of other leaders who are … coming down with a beautiful red carpet. And Obama is coming down a metal staircase … I’ve got to tell you, if that were me, I would say, ‘You know what, folks, I respect you a lot but close the doors, let’s get out of here,’ … It’s a sign of such disrespect.”

Donald today discussing Obama’s welcome at the G-20 summit in China. What is immediately noticeable is once again the somewhat fey use of “beautiful” – what is his obsession with that word? – contrasted with the ridiculously heightened bravado of how he would have refused to leave Air Force One if he had been left in a similar situation to the President.  A good rule of thumb in life is to ignore everything that anyone says to you when it is prefaced with “I’ve got to tell you, if that were me, I would say …” It’s the cliched opening line of the pub bore’s monologue; the actions of a fabulist who spins tall tales or constantly overestimates their abilities.

“I’ve got to tell you, if that were me at Ford’s Theatre watching “Our American Cousin” I’d have turned round and given that Booth a beautiful heel kick to the throat … ”

When he speaks like he did today I worry that Donald has such a weak grip on reality, his self-perception is so skewed that he thinks Chuck Norris Facts – those bad memes from ten years ago – are, in fact, about him. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that seventy-year-old Donald hums the 007 theme when he wanders down the office corridor while his inordinately large, masculine yet beautiful hands mimic a handgun.

Donald Trump Facts

Some Messiahs walk on water, Donald Trump swims through land.

Donald Trump doesn’t dial the wrong number. You answered the wrong phone.

Donald Trump does not sleep; he waits.

Donald Trump doesn’t breathe air. He holds air hostage.

Donald Trump’s calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2. No one fools Donald Trump.