55 long, dark nights for America: The wonderfully shallow demagogue of Oz

by awindram

Fifty-five long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Honor to have been interviewed by the very wonderful in Detroit last week – tune in at 9pmE. Enjoy!”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “In light of ‘s report on the Trump Organization’s dangerous ties, here are 20 questions that Trump needs to answer—now. 1. Will you sever ties with your company linked to foreign leaders, questionable organizations, and criminals if you become president? 2. How will you handle non-cancelable contractual obligations with parties whose interests conflict with those of the United States? 3. While refusing to release your tax returns, how will you confirm that you do not have dangerous financial ties to bad actors abroad? 4. If you were willing to work with Qaddafi—a known terrorist and dictator—is there anyone you aren’t willing to make a deal with? Who? 5. How can you be tough on Iran, given your business partnership with someone connected to Iranian money laundering? 6. Given that you’ve already questioned our commitments to NATO allies, what is your answer to this? 7. To what extent would your foreign policy be dictated by potential financial benefits for your business partners? 8. Will you disclose the nature of your personal and business relationships with all of the Russian oligarchs you are “close” to? 9. Have you or your campaign discussed U.S.-Russian relations with the Russian billionaires with whom you’ve done business? 10. How did the Russian mob boss who ran a criminal organization out of Trump Tower get a VIP pass to your Miss Universe pageant in Moscow? 11. With business ties to politically-connected Indian developers, how can you conduct foreign policy that puts the U.S. above your profits? 12. How can we be sure you’d be willing to be tough on any nation if necessary, if it would put your interests and profits at risk? 13. How can we know you won’t (again) impulsively damage relationships with crucial allies to preserve your own ego? 14. We know you engaged extensively in pay-to-play here at home. Have you bribed foreign officials or other parties abroad? 15. To what extent are you and your family currently contractually tied to payments from foreign business partners, or governments? 16. You’ve mentioned ~120 foreign deals, including in countries with national security implications. Where and with whom are you working? 17. Will your children disclose all of the foreign trips and business deals they’ve undertaken during the campaign, and with whom they met? 18. We’ll let ask this one:

19. In sum, how will Trump guarantee that if forced to choose between America’s security and his own bank account, he won’t pick the latter? 20. It’s pretty clear: Trump’s spent his life unscrupulously looking out for his own wallet above all. Why would that change as president?”

Daily election article of interest: Has Clinton’s ‘Bad Weekend’ Moved The Polls?

Trump presumably has gone to Oz to ask for a brain and a heart. 

It is a cringe-worthy admission, pathetic even, but I find myself genuinely enthralled by the thought of tomorrow’s episode of Doctor Oz. Donald, reality TV’s first President and a natural braggart, will be in his element; this sort of piffle lest we forget, and not Meet The Press, is his milieu. It is only in the artificial congeniality of a daytime TV chat show set that such a fake political candidates can be in any way comfortable as he deftly converses intimately for an audience of ten million with pre-planned spontaneity. Indeed, I am relishing the thought of it so much that I think tonight is probably one of the few nights – of the remaining fifty-five long, dark nights – that I will probably get a decent night’s sleep out of.