54 long, dark nights for America: A chat between two snake oil salesmen.

by awindram

Fifty-four long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “I was never a fan of Colin Powell after his weak understanding of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq = disaster. We can do much better!”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “President Obama’s successor cannot and will not be the man who led the racist birther movement. Period.”

Daily election article of interest:  Donald Trump to Dr. Oz: I’m as Strong as Tom Brady

From the above linked article by Olivia Nuzzi:
“As The New Yorker noted in an extensive profile in 2013, “Oz is an experienced surgeon, yet almost daily he employs words that serious scientists shun, like ‘startling,’ ‘breakthrough,’ ‘radical,’ ‘revolutionary,’ and ‘miracle.’” In 2014, the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee held a hearing on false weight loss advertising, wherein Dr. Oz was filleted by Sen. Claire McCaskill for promoting weight loss methods based on junk science or no science at all, like the idea that green coffee bean extract can help you shed pounds. Ahead of the show on Thursday morning, McCaskill appeared on Morning Joe to call Dr. Oz and Trump “two snake oil salesmen.”

Doctor Oz? More like Doctor SnoOZe. Am I right, or am I right?

Watching the Doctor Oz interview – and disappointing to say it was soporific, the real TV excitement being kept for this evening’s Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Trump where Fallon got to actually caress the spider’s web that Trump keeps on his head –  you are struck by just how bizarre it must be being a live studio audience member of a daytime American chat show. Whenever the camera cut to the audience members they all had the same eerie rictus grins – you would have thought that they were committed members of the Peoples Temple listening to Jim Jones rather than tourists who had scored free tickets to a taping. Sure, it’s free and so you must feel it’s only polite to applaud and laugh when the producers want you to, but keep a little dignity, please. When Ivanka Trump entered as surprise guest the enraptured looks of devotion that seemed to light up the audience members’ faces was genuinely disturbing; I believed, if asked, they would kill for the Trumps – Ivanka would only have to say the word and they would happily leave that TV studio, head on over to Times Square and kill the first pan-handling Elmo they came across. In fairness, it is the blood of these victims that keeps the septuagenarian Trump looking so youthful.

After a short convalescence, Hillary returned to the campaign trail today. Her campaign team had her walk out to “I Feel Good” by James Brown which would have been a brilliant touch if not for the fact that James Brown died of pneumonia.