40 long, dark nights for America: Another Gary Johnson Brain Fart

by awindram

Forty long, dark nights to go. 

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Wow, did you see how badly (Clinton News Network) is doing in the ratings. With people like , who could expect any more?”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Trump appears to have broken the law and acted against our nation’s interest, all so he could line his own pockets.”

Daily election of interest: ‘Missing’ White Voters Could Elect Trump. But First They Need To Register.

Like Scientologists, Libertarians are a difficult bunch to take seriously. With both groups, it is not so much their adherence to their beliefs and values as their insistence that the crummiest pulp of their respective idols is not only good literature, but also contains an inherently worthwhile philosophy that is so wearisome. And yet, wearisome or not, the Libertarian Party could have been forgiven for expecting this election to provide them with an opportunity to, if not break, at least, weaken the main party’s duopoly. Certainly the Never Trump movement on the right, and, to a lesser extent, Sanders supporters on the left resistant to rejoining the Democratic fold should provide a significant number of voters willing to give careful thought to voting Libertarian in forty days time. And the Libertarian’s choice of candidate this time was meant to be a positive in this regard. Winning almost 5% of the vote in 2012 for the Libertarians, Gary Johnson is a former Republican governor whom many GOP supporters unhappy with Trump’s hijacking of their party would probably feel comfortable backing as well as not being entirely unappealing to those who find themselves less than thrilled with their choice of Clinton and Trump.

And yet …

And yet it seems to have been a squandered opportunity.  Johnson, who has spent months arguing that he should be included in the debates, does not do well with basic questions. For his own sake it is probably a blessing that he was ostracized from them. It turns out he possesses neither Clinton’s ability to make a waffle-y non-answer sound like a nuanced take on policy nor Trump’s sheer chutzpah in bluffing his way through matters he is ignorant in; instead he clams up, like a shamefaced schoolboy who has forgotten his homework and who knows he can do better. First there was the Aleppo incident. Now there is his inability to name a foreign leader he admires. Gary Johnson – the fourth rate third party candidate. At this stage, his candidacy probably only exists so he can accrue as many Hilton points as possible.