31 long, dark nights for America: Beginning of the end?

by awindram

Thirty-one long, dark nights to go. 

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Certainly has been an interesting 24 hours!

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “‘President Hillary Clinton on her worst day would be so superior to a President Donald Trump on any day.’”

Daily election of interest: A caller had a lewd tape of Donald Trump. Then the race to break the story was on.

Fallout from the Access Hollywood video continues.

John McCain who facing his own tight senate race in Arizona had hitherto found it politically pragmatic to give Trump his endorsement despite Trump mocking him for his time as a Vietnam POW has today withdrawn his endorsement. 

Bob Dole is the only former GOP nominee publicly endorsing Trump.

The bottom of Trump’s ticket, Mike Pence, upbraided his running mate in a statement and then cancelled a campaign engagement.

Even Melania unequivocally condemned her husband.

Despite Trump’s protests that he would never quit this race, it would not be entirely surprising to wake up this Sunday morning to the news that he has gone. 

He is a reality star who has utt ly failed to recast himself as a politician, instead he has brought the Presidency down to level of bad reality TV. 

We might as well do away with all pretence and have tomorrow’s debate be moderated by Maury Povich and TMZ’s Harvey Levin. Who knows what Trump, prepped by another serial harraser Roger Ailes, is going to do. Un all likelihood, it’s probably going to be a fascinating denouement for this grotesque campaign.