24 long, dark nights for America: This election would fail a drugs test

by awindram

Twenty-four long, dark nights to go. 

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Nothing ever happened with any of these women. Totally made up nonsense to steal the election. Nobody has more respect for women than me!

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “This election will have record turnout, because voters see through Trump’s shameful attempts to undermine it just weeks before it happens.

Daily election article of interest: For Many GOP Women, Party Loyalty Trumps Personal Affront

A curious aside in a curious election is just how cartoonist and amateur hypnotist Scott Adams has managed to insert himself in the conversation. It used to be that the right had the likes of Christopher Buckley to articulate positions – now they have the creator of Dilbert.

Adams has spent most of the election publishing oddly narcissistic, pro-Trump political blog posts. And while it would be grossly hypocritical of me to chastise anyone else for the sin of foisting unnecessary political posts upon the world, there is something of the troll to Adams’ work; he’s Milo without the sense of panache. For instance, take his latest post which has been getting a lot of attention online, where he states that in the event of a Clinton win “everything that goes wrong with the country from this point forward is women’s fault.”

That’s quite the statement.

Did Adams feel similarly about African-American males after Obama won?

When Merkel makes mistakes is that the fault of German women?

Adams reinforces my long-held view that anyone who is into hypnotism will invariably be an utter arsehole.


Trump has thrown some shade (that sounds politer than saying he has thrown some feces in the gorilla cage) at Clinton by stating they should have a drugs test before the next election.

“I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate because I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, huff, take me down. She could barely reach her car.”

That’s the thing about Trump, he doesn’t seem to view running for the Presidency as a time when you might try and display coherent thoughts and intelligence to the electorate; instead it’s a physical contest that is won through force – or, more specifically, by stating you have strength and your opponents are weak. It’s been there from the beginning, the “low energy” attacks on Jeb! a case in point. There is, I would contend, a large part of Trump struggling with Clinton as his opponent as it emasculates him from the mano a mano  contest that would be more appropriate for a man of his stature. The illegitimacy he is already putting on any potential Clinton victory probably partially stems from his own refusal to accept that he might lose to a woman.

Still, if a pre-debate drugs test helps solve the mystery of just why Trump is sniffing so much …