18 long, dark nights for America: To Gettysburg

by awindram

Eighteen long, dark nights to go. 

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Just returned from Pennsylvania where we will be bringing back their jobs. Amazing crowd. Will be going back tomorrow, to Gettysburg!

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “We’ve got to make sure that women and girls are treated with the dignity and respect in our country that we deserve.

Daily election article of interest: Trump’s Striking Lack of Interest in the Supreme Court

One of the toughest to deal with consequences of today’s internet outage was being denied the tweeter feeds of each Presidential candidate – though it must have been a relief for Kellyanne Conway to know her client would – however temporarily – not be able to tweet. While I am looking forward to finally get to unfollow both of them once this election is over in a little over two weeks time, for the moment they are compelling to me. There’s the glorious, unintentional hysteria of Trump’s and the bland written-by-committee feel of Clinton’s merge wonderfully together, there is defintely a ying and a yang to their accounts, it’s one of the main reasons I lead each of these nightly posts with their twitter highlight of the day.

The striking statement about today’s tweets is Trump’s cry of “to Gettysburg!” There Trump will make a speech outlining the first 100 days of a Trump presidency, and yes, your memory is right and Trump did deride Clinton in the second debate for alluding to Lincoln, as, in his opinion, she is no Abraham Lincoln. Seems, however, like he’s not so coy about allusions being made between himself and Lincoln.