11 long, dark nights for America: Carlos Danger fucks the whole of America

by awindram

Eleven long, dark nights to go. 

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “”: BOMBSHELL: FBI reopening its investigation into HillaryClinton’s email server after new discovery!”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “”I want to be a president for everyone in this country—Democrats, Republicans, Independents…I’m going to work just as hard for everybody.”

Daily election article of interest: Can the FBI Sway an Election? ; James Comey’s October Surprise

When Comey’s letter to Congress stating that in a separate investigation they have found more Clinton emails that need to be reviewed, Clinton was flying to Cedar Rapids on a plane without functioning wi-fi. There’s almost an element of pathos to that scene; the Clinton team helpless and incommunicado 30,000 feet up and instead of landing in what they might have expected to be the stultifying dullness of Iowa instead found a shitstorm waiting for them, the very last people to discover the news.

The media is delighted and giddy with it all. They get a few days of talking up the tightening of the election again and Trump even backtracks on his claims that the system is rigged. “This is bigger than Watergate,” he tells a rally.

The feverish atmosphere is heightened further with the revelation that the emails have been found during the FBI’s investigation into Anthony Weiner’s latest dick pic scandal. So there’s the possibility that this interesting 250 year experiment in American democracy ends because of Carlos Danger dick pics ushering in the apocalyptic age of Trump. But, let’s be honest, this is entirely in keeping with this election cycle that has already featured a candidate bragging about the size of his member in a primary debate and talked about grabbing women’s genitalia.

Specifically on the Weiner case, when that story broke a lot of journalists that I follow were horrified at the suggestion that the story even be treated as a political story. I recall listening to that week’s episode of Slate’s Political Gabfest where the panelists spoke about how they felt physically nauseated by having to discuss it as well as being resolute against those casting it in a political light. I get it, there were some horrible people on the right using that story to make terrible remarks about Huma Abedin. And I also see in an election that is as crude and vulgar as this one that it seems only natural to seek the higher ground in prudishness, and I sympathize with that, but there was one very legitimate, political line of enquiry  about that story, and that was the judgement of Clinton and Abedin and the trustfulness of those around them. That even airing that thought was considered unacceptable to many in the press was disquieting.

This is a crude election in a crude age – there is no time for prudishness.

As with the last time Weiner came up (pun not intended, but acknowledged) in this blog, I hope he doesn’t become the focus of one of my election nightmares. I was lucky that was not the case last time, but the second time I might not be so fortunate.

America, it was nice knowing you. You withstood a lot: a revolution, a civil war, two world wars, the invention of flight, and putting a man on the moon – I’m sorry that it was in the end a Carlos Danger dick pic that did you in.