8 long, dark nights for America: Presidential Mask Index

by awindram

Eight long, dark nights to go. 

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight who has 900+ wins, many championships and a gold medal will be introducing me in Michigan shortly”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Dozens of former nuclear launch officers agree: Donald Trump should never be in charge of America’s nuclear weapons.

Daily election article of interest: Donald Trump’s Huge, Horrible Halloween Nightmare

Someone was telling me today in slightly panicked tones that Donald Trump Halloween masks were outselling Hillary Clinton Halloween masks three to one. Hardly surprising, I thought to myself, after all, Trump is obviously the better Halloween outfit. He is a remarkable looking individual, probably the most remarkable looking Presidential candidate since politics entered the age of television. Hillary, by contrast, is a harder Halloween outfit to pull off, you can have some fun with the pant suit aesthetic, but overall, provided she’s not doing that wide-eyed stares of hers, she’s uninteresting to look at. So why the panic in the other person’s voice as they mentioned Trump outselling Clinton? Well, apparently, according to the free publicity that retailer Spirit Halloween has managed to wrangle out of this, the candidate with the best-selling Halloween mask in an election year is an accurate predictor of who will go on to win the election. Spirit Halloween’s press release even has an entirely made up term for this – the Presidential Mask Index, and it has been correct for every election since ’96 which was the first election they used it for. So if Trump does manage to win we can now not only blame James Comey, but all the little bastards who decided they would go out trick or treating in a Trump mask and a Make America Great Again baseball cat. The only successful political costume I came across this evening was a Brexit. 20161031_183109-01-01-1