I did the deed

by awindram

So this morning I voted.

The ballot that I was given was comically large, the size and shape of diner menu, and like a diner menu it seemed to feature an inordinate number of options from President all the way to local state representative.

In a privacy booth, you marked your ballot, which  was done by colouring with ink a blank oval placed next to your candidate’s name. Considering the comic size of the ballot, the oval itself was frustratingly small. I missed the comparatively simple UK ballot, the generously sized square where you write in your ‘X’ before dropping it into the ballot box makes for a more satisfying experience. Instead of dropping it into the ballot box, you have to, as if you were the office temp, feed it into a scanning machine.

Once the machine counts your vote, you’re given an “I Voted” sticker. It may seem like the sort of thing a dentist gives a child after a successful cleaning, but it is a popular American tradition, a way of letting everyone else you meet know that you are an engaged citizen.