It Happened Here: Initial thoughts on the election result

by awindram

This morning I took my three-year-old daughter as I voted for what I thought would be the first female President of the United States. In doing so, I was excited about the future America she would grow up in and her own opportunities and place in it.

When she wakes tomorrow morning I will hug her, as I always do, but it will be a more protective, tighter hug than usual. She will have woken to a country that has elected, instead of a competent woman, a man who birthed a vile conspiracy theory about the legitimacy of Barack Obama to be President, who feuded with a five star family, who made comments about the size of his penis in Primary debates, who talked about grabbing women’s genitila, and who has been accused of  countless cases of sexual harassment.

Clinton did not lose to another politician. It wasn’t to a Romney, a man whom you might disagree politically with, but, at least, acknowldge him as an honorable man working towards his own set of values. It wasn’t to a McCain, a man whose service and courage can only be admired. It was to a carnival barker, a bully, a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, a man entirely incapable of seeing the intelligent, independent woman I know my daughter and so my other young girls like her will grow up to be, but instead can only see them as bags of meat to be crudely objectified: in short, he is an utter arsehole. My main thought of tonight’s election result is the hope that my daughter doesn’t grow up feeling that she lives in a country where, despite her own competencies, she will ever lose out to an utter arsehole  of a male.