John Bull in New York

by awindram

The first meeting between the President-Elect and a British political figure took place at Trump Tower, though not with a cabinet official or a former PM, but with a man who has stood and failed to be elected to the House of Commons on seven occassions. Yes, Farage is back, Roderick Spode-ing his way around Manhattan though he can’t even be said to even represent the party that he is notorious for, but here he is, ol’ John Bull-shit grinning as he ascends to the Trump penthouse.

The cultural divide in this election was measured by David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, by an innovative method he devised: look at how people voted in the 493 counties that have Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, and in the 184 counties with Whole Foods stores. In 2012 Obama carried 75 percent of the counties that had a Whole Foods and 29 percent of the counties with a Cracker Barrel. But that spread was exceeded this year—in the other direction—with Trump winning 76 percent of counties with Cracker Barrel stores and just 22 percent of counties with Whole Foods.

How It Happened – Elizabeth Drew -The New York Review of Books


Protestors near Trump International Hotel, November ’16