A Trumpian Thanksgiving

by awindram

A peaceful Thanksgiving this year would seem to be dependent on limiting conversations about a rigged contest with a divisivie winner purely to the results of the Westminster Dog Show.

It’s a curious thing, this trope of bad tempered political arguments being conducted the Thanksgiving turkey.  There doesn’t seem to be the equivalent of it in the UK, nobody there seems to dread the Christmas dinner in quite the same way, there’s no feeling that there will inevitably be a disagreement about current affairs. If there was our pop culture would seek to play on it, but, as is clear from any Christmas episode of Eastenders, we’re happy to fight over the turkey, just not about voting.

Perhaps Americans are simply more engaged in the political process, perhaps they lack the ability to laugh something of, or is it simply that during an American holiday the focal point is less on television? They’re certainly not a television culture in the same way the British are, and instead of the holiday being a banquet of special editions of everyone’s favorite television shows – a blessing that allows the British family to spend time together without having to actually engage with each other – the American family is left with the awkwardness of having to actually interact with each other. The mood is not helped in that Thanksgiving and the election season are always so close to each other, nor in the fact that the average Thanksgiving meal leaves the body confused and irritable; the turkey makes you lethargic while the unnecessarily sweet sides make you hyper. No wonder it causes the average nuclear family to combust.