A potentially not so dark night for America

by awindram

You could tell that today’s news was big because the picture of the Presidential Seal that CNN had as a backdrop for their Manafort coverage was cast in a macabre blood red.

Manafort and Gates (can we all, at the very least, agree that this crisis should be dubbed Gatesgate?) are indicted on conspiracy charges, while the hitherto obscure Papadopoulos has entered a guilty plea. It is one of the curious and depressing facets of American paranoia that when finally presented with a bona fide, legitimate conspiracy, as Mueller would appear to be in the beginning of exposing, it will be dismissed as fake while some far-fetched theory will instead be readily believed.

At least there should be some interesting Halloween outfits tomorrow inspired by all this. And, just to be clear, any child dressed as Paul Manafort gets all the candy.