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American Notes: Gopshite

GOPSHITE: Portmanteau of GOP and gobshite, as in “Hannity is being a right mouthy gopshite tonight.”

American Notes: Jon Stewart

JON STEWART: American comedian and satirist. Retires tonight from The Daily Show moments before Donald Trump stands centre-stage at a televised Republican Party presidential debate as the (currently) highest polling GOP candidate, because how can you effectively satirize American politics when it is doing an even better job satirizing itself?

American Notes: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

NATHAN’S HOT DOG EATING CONTEST: Held every Independence Day on Coney Island and broadcast on ESPN, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is the Wimbledon of gross overconsumption. Great sporting events should move the heart, the only thing moving at this event are the competitors’s bowels.


American Notes: The Liberty Bell (military march)

THE LIBERTY BELL (MILITARY MARCH): Patriotic American military march now more recognizable as the theme tune to Monty Python’s Flying Circus; British payback for the American appropriation of that paean of British patriotism Pomp and Circumstances being used for American kindergarten graduations.

American Notes: Taco Salad

TACO SALAD: Two words that are utterly incompatible with one another (cf. Jello Salad).