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American Notes: Baseball

BASEBALL: Rounders, but with more steroid usage.

Politics and baseball

My recommendation for TV executives concerned that tonight’s debate and the World Series would end up cannibalizing each other in the ratings was for the GOP candidates to face off against each other in game 2 of the World Series while the Mets and Royals debate in Colorado.

Baseball is demonstrably duller than cricket

That any sports lover could consider cricket dull after this week’s rip-roaring, pulsating Ashes test is beyond me, and yet disappointingly it is this unjust opinion that most of the locals have about the game. I will never be able to convince them of the merits of that final evening session at Durham. I’m sure Cracker Jack-munching baseball fans have to counter similar – although in their case it might actually be true.

At least, that’s what the World Service‘s (always exciting) stats show, More or Less, suggested. Following a page-filler study done by the Washington Post that found for every hour played during an average baseball game only six minutes of that involves actual sporting action takes place. Cricket, according to More or Less, averages a far more febrile ten minutes of action every hour, a full extra four minutes of excitement than you’d find watching baseball. So there we are, baseball is demonstrably duller than cricket. Although if we are being consistent with our logic (we’re not), that would makes kabaddi the world’s most exciting sport.

Bloody baseball, bloody God, and the recycling of an old post

I could have written a new post about the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, but there is little I have to add to the post I wrote when they won two years ago, other than the observation that God is a bastard, a big ruddy-faced bastard. Not only did He see fit to have me born into a town, region and country that will never produce championship-winning soccer teams, He has also in the last five years made sure that wherever in the continental US I am living, the nearest baseball team that I have the most extreme negative reaction against – the Yankees, the Phillies, the Giants – will then go on to win the World Series. Annoyingly, this results in me having to pretend to be delighted in other people’s happiness.

It would seem, however, that God does, in fact, have a plan for us all – it’s just a cruel and sadistic one of minor import. What a cheeky bastard!

Oh yeah, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants. Did that sound sincere enough?

BBC Radio on the World Series

Via Facebook, I came across this short You Tube clip of BBC Radio’s coverage of the recent World Series. Now I found myself interested by this clip for two reasons. One: I’ve surprised myself how curious I found this. The commentary is by Simon Brotherton who primarily covers soccer. Brotherton commenting on baseball seems out-of-place to my ears. It’s a voice that I expect to tell me that Darren Bent has scored a goal rather than David Freese has hit a home rule. Two: I’m surprised by the reaction I read on Facebook to this. Well, “surprised” isn’t really the right word, it’s just that the reaction is in marked contrast to every British reaction I’ve seen to when an American commentator covers a soccer match which always ends up being a horrible mixture of contempt and xenophobia.


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