77 long, dark nights for America: Focus on Clinton

Seventy-seven long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Hillary Clinton strongly stated that there was “absolutely no connection” between her private work and that of The State Department. LIE!”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “On average, it takes black women until today to catch up to white men’s 2015 earnings. Time to close the pay gap.

Daily election article of interest: Donald Trump’s Campaign CEO, Once Wrote a Rap Musical

When Clinton and not Trump has been making the news headlines for the day you know that this is not a positive thing. Democratic strategists might be best advised keeping her entirely out of the news as much as possible until after the election.

Today’s news is concerned with her emails again as lawyers for the State Department announce they expect to release 15,000 emails in October – so a release just weeks before November’s election and unlikely to help her with that whole “trustworthiness” problem she has. One can’t but help note that if the GOP hadn’t nominated a choleric id of privileged entitlement wrapped up in a silly haircut as its candidate they would be well placed to take back the White House.