50 long, dark nights for America: And yet …

Fifty long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Once again someone we were told is ok turns out to be a terrorist who wants to destroy our country & its people- how did he get thru system?”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “We have to stand up to this hate. We have to send a clear message: America is better than this. America is better than Donald Trump.”

Daily election article of interest: Who has the upper hand on terrorism, Clinton or Trump?

Touch wood, but the investigation into this weekend’s New York and New Jersey bombing plot seems to have concluded swiftly and successfully. That events were not as serious as they could have been, however, does not mean presidential candidates and their allies should be unserious in the manner of their response … and yet.

“And yet,” seems to be the constant, mournful refrain that accompanies this election.

Christie in his capacity as Governor of New Jersey- though that seems a wholly TITular position for him now – was naturally giving press updates about events happening in his state regarding the search and then capture of Ahmad Khan Rahami. These updates have shamefully allowed Christie an opportunity to shill, to pitch, to excuse for Trump as he spoke more in his capacity as the head of the Trump transition team than as a Governor of a state undergoing a crisis.

For his own part, Trump spoke at a rally in Florida about the amazing, luxurious treatment, the sort one can enjoy at any Trump resort, that Rahami would receive in prison, while the chinless Dauphin of the Trump empire tweeted this:

Even thought he can probably empathize when it comes to seeing a son make an idiot of themself in public, it is still hardly surprising to read report that that George H. W. Bush will not be voting for the carnival barker

Fifty night, empty of all hope, to go. The end is almost in sight … and yet … and yet … and yet